Strategy Development

Strategic Development focuses on defining the long-term direction of organisations and ensuring their capability for innovation and continuous improvement.
We use our clean change methods & approach to realise lasting designs.
During these processes we work as consultants & coaches.

Program Design

Program Design focuses on turning visions into actions. How we define the present situation, what are the immediate goals related to the long-term perspectives and which steps do we need to take? Making use of our clean change methods & approach we help to design roadmaps and implementation plans. In these processes we work as consultants and interim managers.

Program Implementation

Getting it done, respecting targets & realising results. We work to inspire and involve people to make fundamental change exciting. We know that leading change is a craft in its own. As interim-managers we take responsibility for operational day-to-day management of the needed change programs.

Organisational Awareness

Building agile organisations takes much more than just using our rational mind. We also need our hearts. And we need to be inspired by the bigger picture. Inspiration can be found in nature. We believe it can also be found in great examples of art & philosophy. As storytellers & coaches we organise workshops & events to share insights and co-create organisational awareness.