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General Vision Document Greenland Water Projects 21feb

General Vision Document Greenland Water Projects

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IMEQ_VISION_POLAR_ICE_PUBLIC_2.19 Greenland’s Big Ice is melting very rapidly. At about 10 million liters per second the big Ice Sheet of Greenland loses 750 billion liters of sweet water every 24 hours. The General Vision Document about Greenland’s Melting Ice formulates some first ideas about saving this water for our Earth’s inhabitants. Interested to receive more…

“Conscious Water” – updated version 20.2.2019 21feb

“Conscious Water” – updated version 20.2.2019

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Booklet_Consious-Water-PPA20.2.19 In the summer of 2018 we presented our first version of the booklet “Conscious Water” written for the Peace Pledge Pilgrimage Conference in Assisi. We intend to update the booklet on a regular basis. When you would like to be kept informed and would like to receive the digital updates automatically please email to…