Clean change


Opening inspiring perspectives

At times we need to step back & regroup. To be able to fundamentally understand the direction in which we should be heading. Being able to thoroughly understand our present day situation.

Alternative working practices and getting results

We are convinced that managing people & organisations demands much more than just rational analysis. We must be able to touch the hearts of the people and open inspiring perspectives.
Sharing spiritual & more holistic insights is essential to getting really sustainable results.
A new sense of connectedness is needed in our present day, regardless whether we work in „profit” or “non-profit” organisations. The renowned Toyota Production System & Toyota KATA, the Natural Step and Bio Mimicry are some examples of this mind-set. Here we encounter a spirit that basically looks for effectiveness.Let’s do the right things. And let’s look for continuous day-to-day improvement from a long-term perspective.

Looking for consistency at deeper levels. Taking time to find our purpose and “raison d’être”. Rallying all our stakeholders around our chosen direction and our long-term intentions. Building trust. Have a purpose beyond profit.
Invest continuously to become better and make excellence in client-satisfaction the only standard. We call it clean change

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