About Us

We are Forgood

We are consultants & interim-managers. We help people & organisations to realise fundamental change & sustainable development. We aim to create life-affirming organisations, thus creating value for our clients & for society. Planning for sustainability is often complex. Therefore we use our “Clean change” approach to develop innovative strategic visions and design plans & programs. We work for private companies & public sector organisations.


Frans Versteeg

Sustainable Entrepreneur, Coach & Consultant 

Frans Versteeg is economic historian & philosopher. During his career he gained wide experience with complex change-management and transformation processes, social innovation and public governance. Frans is a seasoned change-manager, consultant & coach. His focus is on sustainable development, renewable energy and water topics.

Hans Goslinga

Interim-management, consultancy non-profit and government

Hans Goslinga studied in Delft and worked many years in the non profit sector as interim manager and consultant at Alons & Partners. He worked on big infrastructure projects at national policy level. His consulting engagements are known for their sharp analysis combined with creativity, great passion and positive critical interventions when needed.